Imagine the revolution in the product creation
Synchronize UI design and its source code in the background


Protein updates the source code with latest changes in design tools made on different platforms
and vice versa. It works across platforms — web, mobile and desktop.


Convert any UI design into
source code and vice versa


Sync design with any techs,
frameworks, and platforms


Share any design changes
with team immediately


We will launch Protein as a scalable syncing platform
Edit live UI in Sketch
or Adobe Illustrator
Share UI libraries and layouts
with other team members
Live preview for UI which based
on your source code
Use your favorite Version Control
System for design
Sync vector UI and source code
in the background
Integrate UI with external services
for better productivity


We extend Protein to any service you might use as integration
If you use any other tool than listed above, email it to us at
and we try our best to release it as integration

How it works

Protein is easily installed into existing design and development process
as a communication tool that team uses to exchange their UI design